Friday, January 27, 2012

A slow month for sewing

This hasn't been the greatest month for me and it's taken a toll on my sewing. I've been sewing less than usual, and with lots of mistakes! I decided I should have a stack of squares or a very easy project cut and ready to go. Then when I need some quilting 'therapy' I could just escape to my sewing room and sew and sew with very little decision making necessary.
I have accomplished some things this month. The biggest one is my quilt for Quiltmaker's Scrap Squad. My top is finished although I'm still contemplating adding borders. The March/April issue comes out anyday so hopefully I'll be able to show it soon!
Another big accomplishment for this month was finishing January's UFO. Thank goodness #5 was the easiest on my list. I needed easy this month. Here's my completed quilt, yes even quilted and binding done.

And a scrappy back from my stash instead of buying more fabric!
First UFO crossed off my list!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Check twice, sew once!

Haven't we all heard the saying "measure twice, cut once" well I think I have a new one, Check Twice, Sew once!
It would not be so bad if this was my first time to make such an error, but I'm afraid it's not.
What did I do that was so bad? Well I just have such a memory that I glance at the picture, then start sewing, sure that I know EXACTLY what I'm doing! Oh I wish it were true, but instead I was gleefully sewing rows of Orca Bay when I slowly began thinking that my quilt just didn't have quite the movement Bonnie's had. I just wasn't excited about my blues. Well I finally took a moment to go back and look at hers and wouldn't you know it, ALL my blues are facing the WRONG direction. Guess me and the seam ripper are going to be spending time together today!
Here's what it's NOT supposed to look like!

On a more cheerful note, the number drawn for the UFO challenge was #5. How great for me, my quickest, easiest UFO to finish.  Although in December I may be wishing for a quick easy one!
Here's where I left off on this quilt in 2009
Straighten the edges, add a border or 2, should be able to find time to quilt and bind it too. 
...........But first I've got some rippin' to do!