Friday, January 27, 2012

A slow month for sewing

This hasn't been the greatest month for me and it's taken a toll on my sewing. I've been sewing less than usual, and with lots of mistakes! I decided I should have a stack of squares or a very easy project cut and ready to go. Then when I need some quilting 'therapy' I could just escape to my sewing room and sew and sew with very little decision making necessary.
I have accomplished some things this month. The biggest one is my quilt for Quiltmaker's Scrap Squad. My top is finished although I'm still contemplating adding borders. The March/April issue comes out anyday so hopefully I'll be able to show it soon!
Another big accomplishment for this month was finishing January's UFO. Thank goodness #5 was the easiest on my list. I needed easy this month. Here's my completed quilt, yes even quilted and binding done.

And a scrappy back from my stash instead of buying more fabric!
First UFO crossed off my list!


  1. I love your #1 finished UFO. Purple is MY color and I too have a butterfly quilt in purples. Nice going.!!

  2. Beautiful colors and a wonderful quilt. Congrats to you. Judy C

  3. A fun quilt, with a lovely backing.