Friday, February 3, 2012

February's UFO

When I made my list of UFO's I wanted to finish this year I put Farmer's wife first because I knew I wanted to finish that quilt. However I knew when that number got picked it would mean a lot of work. And here it is........February's UFO to work on is #1..........yes, Farmer's wife will get lots of attention this month.
So I took a deep breath and got out the shoebox I've been keeping the blocks in. Figured I'd at least better find out where I was and how much work I had left to do! I put them up on the design wall and boy was I happy. They looked great and I had 80 blocks made! Now I'm really motivated to get going on this quilt.
There are 111 blocks in the book and that makes a queen size quilt. I don't think I want one that big, it would be too big for me to quilt. I saw the twin size quilt only needed 83 blocks, that's only 3 more blocks! But maybe I'll make it a little bigger than that. Decisions, decisions............
And time to start looking at sashing fabric. This project is going to get done!

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