Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sew many projects, sew little time!

How does it happen, you vow you won't start any more projects till you finish up ones you've already started, and yet somehow you just keep starting more!

Oh but they are so tempting, and just the project you always wanted to do, or just the perfect quilt for someone. There's always a good reason for starting another project I'm sure.

OK, so I'll admit I started another new project. 'sigh' So many projects going on at one time, but I love them all.

So what's the new one?  It's the Project of Doom, A Harry Potter paperpieced quilt.
You can see a photo of a completed one here
I can already tell this quilt will be made with a lot of input from my 10 yr old son and I think that is great. And here's our first block.
My crystal ball was appliqued rather than paper pieced.
This is going to be a fun quilt to use up all my 'cool' scraps!

Here's March's blocks for the Craftsy BOM
 And the 3 month's blocks together.
Not sure who this will be for yet, but I'm liking these fabrics together.

 I started the Just takes 2 quilt late so I guess I shouldn't be surprised I'm behind on this one, but here's  block's 12 and 13.

And the other quilt I've been working on this week, My Scrap Squad quilt. I made a ton of 4 patches and cut a bunch of squares. I arranged them on my design wall, but wasn't quite sure if I'd keep that layout or change it around. It seemed like a lot of work to rearrange all those little squares, but my 3 yr old son helped me make up my mind. One evening he gleefully knocked all those pieces to the floor! So now I'll be trying out a different arrangement. Luckily I had taken a photo of what I had tried the first time.


  1. Love the fabrics in your Craftsy BOM. :) And I *really* need to make a red & white quilt!

  2. That HP quilt is going to be so cool!
    If it were me, I'd be finished with it about the time no one knows who HP is, LOL! Good Luck!

  3. Very nice - have you tried the Farmer's Wife quilt yet? ;))