Saturday, March 31, 2012

A UFO becomes a Snowman quilt top

March's UFO project was my snowman quilt, started about 2002. It was a block of the month and I had 3 1/2 blocks made when we decided to move from California to Idaho. It got packed in a box and never had another stitch done until last year when I pulled it back out. When I wrote my UFO list for this year I had 8 blocks completed and knew I was motivated to finish this, one of my oldest UFO's.

Worried about completing this UFO in 1 month when the number was chosen, I continued working on blocks so when Judy pulled #8 for this month I was very pleased, I had just finished the 12th block, What perfect timing!

I knew I wanted to change this quilt from the original pattern, it made an 80 x96" quilt and I wanted something smaller.

First I started auditioning fabric for the sashing. I liked the first one I tried, but it was maybe a little dark.

I tried a lighter blue. I pulled out some strips to try for a tiny border around each block.

I liked the red and the gold, but the yellow was a little bright. I just wasn't liking this blue for the sashing though, and even with all my fabric, I just didn't seem to have another blue that would work. Should I go shopping for another blue?
Well I decided to give the first blue another chance
It didn't look too bad with the red, I decided to just go with what I had. I figured out a plan on some graph paper so I could figure out the sizes for the sashing pieces.
Trimmed my blocks and added 1" strips of red for a skinny border. I put the blocks on the wall and started adding sashing pieces, figuring out the order to sew them in as I want along. It went pretty quickly and soon looked like this

Almost done, just needed a border. I was just about out of that red fabric, but that gold had looked pretty good too, so I gave it a second chance in the border.

TA-DA.............A completed Snowman quilt top!

10 years to make this quilt top, I sure hope it won't take me 10 more years to get it quilted!


  1. It's so pretty!!! You made great choices for the fabrics to finish it with.

  2. Cute blocks--and the sashing ideas worked perfectly. Congrats on getting to a flimsy stage.

  3. Your fabric color choices were Right ON. I loved how you documented your steps to success. I never think of doing that.

  4. Beautiful and all the colors play nicely.

  5. How cute is this? Love it and congrats on the finish.

  6. A quilt really worth the wait. I absolutely love it, great choice of sashing colours.

  7. You did a wonderful job and I loved the process. Thanks for sharing. Judy C

  8. Wahoo!!!! It looks so terrific, too. :D Don't you love serendipitous moments like that? (finishing the 12th one as its number was picked)

  9. Fabulous! It was fun to follow the stages of problem solving that led to your wonderful finished top!