Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Happy Scrappy Day

When you have a family you just never really know what each day will bring, especially in Summertime. I just fit my quilty time into whatever little free spots I find.
Well Hip Hip turned out to be a productive scrappy sewing day!

First up was a backing for a scrappy 9 patch quilt top I finished piecing last summer. I didn't have enough of anything suitable for the back so I made a scrappy one. The top is made from scrappy 2 1/2" squares, I figured why not make the back scrappy too. I cut 20 large squares from various blue batiks for a quick and easy pieced back

On to project #2. I needed to make a 6" heart block to mail to a friend. I pulled out my strings I've been collecting for a future "Hot Flashes" quilt, reds, yellows, oranges and pinks. A little rummaging through the fun!....and I sewed up this little block in no time.

Amazingly the kids were occupied and hubby was working and I found time to get to project #3. I had just watched the newest tutorial from Missouri Star for a Freestyle Churn Dash quilt 

With that fresh in my mind, and Hot Pink the scrap color for this month over at So Scrappy I found myself sewing some rather wonky pink churn dash block. They actually were very fun, the only cutting really was the white squares (I did 3 1/2" squares) I just took the pink scraps as they were and trimmed off the excess as I squared up the block.  Very quick and easy.

And playing with scraps must be contagious. My little 9 year old read The Rainbow Nest and she decided to make the quilt from the book. She's quite the little sewer. All I did was to cut her a bunch of 2" white squares. She had fun sorting through my box of 2" squares and choosing the ones she wanted and did all the pinning and sewing herself. 

Here's her little collection of blocks so far. She's going to be a great little quilter!

Linking up with Scrap Happy Saturday where I'll be checking out everyone's fun pink scrappiness.


  1. The Thread Nest? I need to go find that one. Like your Freestyle Churn Dash and kudos to your little sewer!

  2. Pretty PINK blocks and a budding quilter to boot?! Sounds like a WONDERFUL week!!

  3. A heart beating with love and color, great. It's so nice that your daughter likes the sewing. Mine started early and ended up making her bridesmaid dresses. Now her daughter is sewing dresses as well in high school. No quilters but me so far. You go, girl!

  4. What a great week. Your wonky churn dash blocks are really charming.