Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wooly days

Still having a hard time finding much time for sewing on my machine. I'm trying to get a block done each day for the 365 Challenge quilt each day, need to get a photo of those guys.

But my main accomplishments have been the wooly blocks. Having blocks prepped to take along on summer outings has been working wonderfully. Here's some progress photos:

4 little basket blocks from Linen Closet Designs/
I have 10 made and there are only 2 more of these beauties to do.

This one is a pattern called In the Garden by my friend LauraB over at The wheelbarrow block came from another Garden quilt pattern by 2strings over at
Time to start thinking about sashing now for this one.

And one other fun little wooly project. These little hexis are perfect little projects for on the go. Woolies flannel for the background with wool applique. These are from  the Stitching Society, I think there are 180 of them. Since I only have 4 made I'll don't think I'll run out of on-the-go projects for a LONG time!

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