Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Should be quilting Christmas quilts but...............

My littlest guy has been sick and it's been hard to find an increment of time long enough to get a quilt top quilted, but I've been working on Orca Bay Mystery every time I can squeeze in a few minutes  for sewing. 10 mins here and there adds up! Today I sewed 2 strip squares for step 4, pressed them, trimmed them, cut into triangles and removed the paper foundation all while the potatoes boiled for dinner. Served up meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and no-one even noticed I'd snuck away to sew!

Here's step #3, 150 sewed so far.
Alot of these fabrics are old friends from previous projects, the bottom 3 are scraps from baby dresses I sewed for my eldest daughter. The dresses are long gone but the memories will be preserved in this quilt

Here's some step #4 triangles, I'm pinning them in stacks of 10. 
It's a graet feeling to actually use up these scraps and not just save them!

Thankfully my little guy is starting to perk up so I think I'll be back to quilting and binding soon.

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