Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's on the back?

The hard part of sewing Christmas gifts for your kids is you can't work on it when they're home. I have to work on quilting one child's quilt, then when he gets home quickly cover it and go work on binding a different child's quilt. Thus I have had 4 quilts in various stages of progress all week and feeling like I'm not making much progress because I keep switching back and forth between them all. But keeping at it has paid off and here's 2 completed quilts!

The first is for my son who is a cook, pattern called Another Trip around the World,
It's not very often I only use 3 fabrics

Here's a close up of the fabric on the quilt, silverware on the front and artichokes on the back, seemed appropriate for someone who works in a restaurant!

This 2nd quilt is for my 9 yr old son. I had all these black and white fabrics out one day and was trying to decide on a 3rd color. He came in my sewing room and immediately was drawn to this red fabric. I decided then I would use the red and make it for him (didn't tell him that!)
And the front of his quilt is only the beginning, I think he'll love the back just as much

I won't tell him I was just using up a bunch of leftovers!

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