Monday, April 2, 2012

April's UFO, A tug at my heartstrings!

When Judy over at drew this month's UFO, it was #10. When I looked at my list this was an easy, but special project for me.

Here's what I have so far
                                                        60 of these appliqued hearts.

But now for the rest of the story...................

I had a dear quilting friend who passed away. After her death a large quilting yard sale was had with all the bounty of her sewing room, there was much to choose from! After selecting many items I paused to look through a bin of scrap bags. I discovered a bag of squares with hand appliqued hearts.............for only $1. All that handwork and love put into that project and it had been valued at only $1. Something pulled at my heartstrings and I felt I needed to rescue this project and finish it in honor of my friend.

Back at home I pulled the contents from the bag and found 30 completed heart blocks, a few more hearts cut out, and enough background fabric for 30 more blocks!  So last summer this was my take along project for camping trips, etc and by summer's end I had completed them all. This brings me to where I'm at today, 60 appliqued blocks.

So what to do with them?  I'm thinking simplicity, making the quilt all about the hearts. I played with them on the design wall and have figured out a placement that uses all 60 of them.

Today I'll be auditioning border fabrics, and maybe even sew rows together.

It will feel really good to finish this project!


  1. What a special project. you've done well on using them all. You could also give it tiny sashing if you wanted. I'm a sucker for heart projects!

  2. What a sweet quilt to remember your friend with!

  3. That is certainly a quilt to treasure. I am sorry about your friend.