Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday April 30th

What's on my design wall today?

It's something perfect for the season, a row for my Spring row quilt.

I am making a row quilt with a group of other quilters and my first row was to be done in April. Since today is the last day of April, guess what I'll be doing today? It's a rainy day here, so a perfect sewing day!

Everything in the above photo is just pinned on my design wall. I wanted to see if the design and colors was going to work before I started sewing things together.

I've sewn the background pieces together and appliqued the fence rails on. Now I'm working on appliqueing the fence posts. My row is 42" wide, I had to have seams in my background pieces and fence rails. I placed the seams so they would be covered as much as possible by the end fence post.
 My daffodil pieces are all backed with fusible. I used my applique pressing sheet to assemble the cluster of daffodils so now they are easier to decide where to place them on my row.

I think my row needs a little more color and I am planning to make some tulips too, I just have to decide  which color. Of course a little butterfly or bee may fly by and I shall have to include them too!

You can head over to
and see what fun projects others are working on too.

Time for me to get off the computer and head to the sewing room!


  1. What a fun start to a row quilt! Yes, Lady bugs and butterflies will look cute on there.

  2. What a wonderful row so far. I'm not a big fan of row quilts yet, but if they all turned out as beautiful as yours, sign me up!!! I think some purple iris or tulips might be nice. And definitely a butterfly. Really lovely.

  3. What a wonderful row! I can see some red tulips with those daffodils.

  4. looks great and I love the perspective on the row. The colors are perfect and can't wait to see the little details you add to it.

  5. Daffodills - how perfect for a spring row quilt! Don't you just love the applique pressing sheet? so helpful when pressing all those layers together! Your doing a wonderful job on your quilt row. :)