Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best birthday present ever!

I recently had a birthday and my mother in law told me she was giving me a gift of time. She would watch my 2 little ones for 2 days while the bigger kids were at school. Today was the first Grandma day! As soon as the last child was on the school bus we headed to Grandma's. That gave me about 6 1/2 hrs of uninterrupted time. What to do with all that time? It wasn't hard to figure out, about 30 mins of quick run around the house, start the dishwasher, move laundry from washer to dryer, stoke the fire and then head to my sewing room......................6 hours to sew!
It's time to get that Farmer's wife quilt DONE!

I started the day with 10 blocks left to go. I didn't have time to sew yesterday but I did get a couple of blocks cut out. That helped things get moving along and by lunch I had 6 blocks made.
Quick lunch while looking through my Farmer's Wife book to choose which 4 blocks I want to make for my last blocks. My CD broke early into this project and since the book doesn't include measurements I have to draw some of these blocks out to figure out template sizes. Since my layout only needs 99 blocks I was not sad to be able to skip out on making 12 of these blocks.
So more drafting, cutting and sewing, it was getting down to the wire, but literally 5 mins before I had to pick up kids I got my last block completed! Today I sashed each block as I made it so I snapped a quick photo, put them on the wall and headed out the door.
And here's all 99 blocks. It's hard to stand far enough back to take the photo! I'm leaving them up for a day or two to check the arrangement and then I'll sew them together.
All in all a very successful sewing day and definitely the best birthday present ever. And I still have another day to use .........I'm already planning my next project!

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