Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm making progress!

 When you set aside a project is seems hard to be motivated to get back to it, there are so many other fun projects to work on.
 Now that I'm back to working on my Farmer's Wife quilt the momentum is building and I find I'm wanting to work on this project more and more!
Here's 3 blocks I just made
I must have been wishing for some sunshine yesterday because they all have yellow in them!

I bought some fabric for the background but when I brought it home it was too light :(
So another trip to the store and I have a background fabric that I like!  And amazingly, it was the only thing I bought. I never buy only one thing at the quilt store.

Here's how it looks

I guesstimated that 5 yards would be enough, we'll see if I was correct.

If you want to do this with 6" blocks here's what I did:
For all the on point blocks I cut 2   5 1/4" squares, cut them in half diagonally. After sewing them on I squared the block up to 9"
For all the straight set blocks I cut 2 pieces 1 3/4"x6 1/2" and 2 pieces 1 3/4'x9"
This will give me blocks that will be 8 1/2" finished size.

I didn't get much sewing done today. I was writing up my notes/thoughts for my Scrap Squad quilt and submitting them with photos to Diane.
Have you seen the first Scrap Squad quilt? Donna's was just revealed and you can see it here
I love Donna's quilt!
Can't wait till I can show everyone mine.
Meanwhile I think I'll be busy with Farmer's Wife!

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