Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing in every spare moment I find!

Now that I'm back working on my Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt I can't stop!
Here's 4 blocks I made on Saturday
I cut all the remaining sashing pieces. Now every time I get a few minutes to sew I go and sew sashing on a few blocks. My design wall is quickly filling with rows of sashed blocks. I have 9 rows up now, only 2 more rows to go!
I have a few bright blocks that seem to stand out a little too much.  I have 8 more blocks to sash and when they are on the wall I'm going to try and disperse those bright blocks a little more evenly throughout the quilt.
I have 10 more blocks to make. Before I make them I plan on taking a good look at the quilt and seeing if any particular colors are needed to balance the quilt.

I thought finishing this quilt was going to be a daunting task and yet in about 10 days I have made huge strides. Maybe another week and I'll have a completed quilt top. Wouldn't that be great!


  1. Amazing blocks. They look great all together on the wall. It is fun to get on a roll and really power away on a project. Too bad we can't all find that motivation more often.