Monday, February 27, 2012

I've been stalling!

I have my farmers wife quilt top all sewn together........yes..........happy day.........

 I love it!  It just needs a border and it's done.

However I've been stalling.

It all started when I was auditioning fabrics for a border, you know, a quick border, a plain border sewn around the edge so I could be done.
Well none of the fabric I tried seemed to be the one, this quilt was trying to tell me it wants more, no plain borders here.

So I started trying out other options.
first try was 3" nine patches borrowed from another project.  I liked how they looked, but I would have to make at least 60 more, that seemed like a lot of work!
second try was 2 1/2" squares. I lined them up straight, it was OK, but then I lined them up on point and they looked much more lively. I have a ton of these squares already cut in my scrap bin so this seemed like a little less work.

I quickly got to work. Went back to the quilt store and bought some more of my background fabric. I estimated I needed 130 scrappy squares so I cut 260 background squares and sewed one on either side of my scrappy ones.

Then sewed some together ready for my borders.

But now the stalling.............. WHY?

Well, this quilt has maxed out my design wall, to lay it out with borders I have to move my kitchen table, sweep and probably mop my floor ( I have six kids at home, yes definitely mop).
Also, I'm making up this border as I go. I have to figure out exactly how many squares to sew for each side, and how big to make the inner border to make it all fit perfectly.
And what if my scrappy squares don't look good?
Housework, math and decisions, yikes, no wonder I've stalled for a few days.

I want to finish this top by the end of the month and that is almost here, so today I'm getting busy and getting borders made!


  1. well I really like the nine patches set on point.
    it add so much to the quilt.
    I'm just starting my Farmer's wife :0)
    Congratulations on the finish!

    Happy Sewing

  2. Beautiful quilt! I love all the variety of prints and colors in your FW blocks. Me, I would have wimped out and just done plain borders but some quits are bossier than others :) Good luck with your piecing plan (can't one of those kids mop for mom???)

  3. Love the quilt. It is so colorful. Very nice.

  4. This quilt does need pieced borders-more work but worth it. It is coming together very well.

  5. Great border choice. I look forward to seeing your finish.